Author: Anne

I wish I could..

I have to apologise for missing Sunday’s blog. I was working from Germany as my little granddaughter battled a horrible bacteria and spent 10 days in hospital. Straight off the plane, I was taken to the hospital to see her and there she was, connected to pipes and a drain..this little body in this bed […]

Wasted plans

After almost a lifetime of working, most of us look forward to a peaceful retirement, with relaxation being part of the equation. These were certainly your plans Mum, and those of Dad too. They worked for a few years, with a few medical hitches here and there due to ageing, but you were quite pleased […]

Sweltering heat

40 degrees and climbing. The beads of sweat pour down my forehead and the sun is only just rising. Our summers are always hot but it’s been a while since we experienced these temperatures. Last summer, August to be exact, Francis, my husband, and I, were strugglying up the last part of the hill to […]

Summer days

I just opened all the is 07.17. Somehow it is not as quiet as last week and the heat hit me as soon as I opened each window. This is a very different scenario from last week..from just 7 days ago. I can already hear quite a few cars on the road. Perhaps some […]

Become a member?

Why should you become a member of the Malta Dementia Society when you can just read the posts on facebook? Well, for starters, you may miss something important which may or may not have been on Facebook. You will be listed in our database so will receive all our emails. Also, you can avail yourself […]