MDS Communic-Aid

A speech-language pathologist has the specialist knowledge and skills to aid the individual with dementia to communicate up to that person’s maximum ability, as well as to manage swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).

The role of the SLP within the Malta Dementia Society includes:

Educating and training family members and caregivers on dementia-friendly communication.

Delivery of lectures on how to manage swallowing disorders.

Dietary modifications and compensatory strategies for swallowing.

Organising cognitive-communication groups to individuals living in care homes (on request).

Assessment of clients within the community (on request).

Creating alternative and augmentative means of communication for clients with dementia.

Cognitive Communication groups – Led by a speech pathologist. Focusing on reminiscing about the past, using all types of communication (senses, verbal and Non-verbal), for people with dementia living in the community.