The Malta Dementia Society offers the following activities for individuals living with dementia and their relatives and/or carers.
These are all advertised on our Facebook page group and page.

Reaching Hands

 Support for relatives and carers of persons living with dementia.

Malta Dementia Working Group

Support for persons living with early dementia.


Dance sessions in care homes and the community.

Kuluri u Tifkiriet

Visal arts therapy and creativity with a multisensory approach.


Sessions to strengthen the overall body.

MDS Dementia Café

Get together to encourage social interaction. 

MDS Communic-Aid

A speech-language pathologist has the specialist knowledge and skills to aid the individual with dementia to communicate up to that person’s maximum ability, as well as to manage swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).


Outings for individuals living with dementia, their relatives and carers. These are free and sponsored by Malta Dementia Society.