The Malta Dementia Society offers the following activities for individuals living with dementia and their relatives and/or carers. These are all advertised on our Facebook page group and page.


Reaching Hands

Our Support Group ‘Reaching Hands’ which is organised online every month. It is a
safe space where relatives of individuals living with dementia can share their experiences and
listen to others, learning from one another. One of our psychotherapists is present and available
to answer any questions and offer advice.
Sometimes, relatives feel the burden too heavy to carry and feel the
need to talk to someone about it privately. Our therapists are at hand to offer these
sessions at a chosen venue – these are at a fee.



Have you been diagnosed with early dementia? Then this group is for you. Meet others in your situation; share your story and listen to others; help one another. You can make a difference by giving us advice on how best to improve the existing services to make your life easier. 

Book your place on 99451625.



‘DancingtoDementia’ – this is run by our qualified dance facilitators. This project is supported by the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme (VOPS), an initiative managed and administered by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS) and will start from March 1st 2023.

A class of one hour is offered for individuals living with dementia and their relatives and/or carers. We stress the importance of a relative attending to increase or rebuild a bond between themselves and their loved one living with dementia. WIFI for music is important and chairs arranged in a circle would be requested, with distancing for Covid and any other illness.
Maximum attendance per session is 24, including relatives and/or carers.



Outings for individuals living with dementia and their relatives and/or carers. These are free and sponsored by the Malta Dementia Society.

kuluri u tifkiriet

Visual Arts therapy – these will be a group of 6 sessions for individuals living with dementia
using various means of art. This is being funded by the art council as a pilot project.


We are offering group sessions or one to one sessions for residents of people with dementia living in Care Homes in Malta and Gozo and also for people living in their own homes.

The aim of this exercise programme is to help people in their activities of daily living.

Mindfulness practices such as deep breathing will also be incorporated.