Wasted plans

After almost a lifetime of working, most of us look forward to a peaceful retirement, with relaxation being part of the equation.

These were certainly your plans Mum, and those of Dad too. They worked for a few years, with a few medical hitches here and there due to ageing, but you were quite pleased with the way things were working out. Many of those who knew you, remember you walking together along the Sliema seafront, holding hands, and perhaps, leaning on one another too, when a knee or foot wasn’t very cooperative. Summer meant swimming on a daily basis, to which I joined in too, and enjoyment of the grandchildren to the full. Winter meant more strolls and venturing out to the shops without the sun burning down on you.

Travel was definitely part of your plans, and you even made it to New Zealand to see Martin.

That was great! Plans are wonderful, something I love to do myself. Of course, travel plans had to be at the top of the list! Both yours and mine!

Until the world came crashing down, splintering every single plan to miniscule pieces. What a crash too! One that you never recovered from.

When dementia set in, things…life…changed dramatically.

It creeps up on you in a slow manner. A slight change here and there. A little bit of memory loss, a little mishap, a little side track.

You close an eye, you push it away, you close the cupboard door on it.

All,until everything falls out once again and then it is…’slap’…in your face!

No more turning away, no more brushing it aside..it is there..a stark reality…and one that you just cannot ignore.

What happened to our plans? They just fell apart.

2 thoughts on “Wasted plans

  1. Annie Fenech

    Dear Anne, thanks for sharing your mother’s story with us, and in such a beautiful style. To see a capable person you love gradually fade into someone who is so childlike when dementia takes hold is a shock. Little by little we learn to accept this new person with love and adapt to a new way of interacting with them. This is no easy process, but with God’s help, and with the support of your society, we can succeed. Thank you

    1. Anne Post author

      Dear Annie
      Yes it is hard but the way you are tackling it and approaching it is the very best way.
      take care and i wish you well


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