She was a pharmacist.

Mum was a pharmacist and very popular with the neighbours and all who knew her. At that time, the mentality was so different and women preferred to talk to a female pharmacist if they had a medical issue. Sometimes the doorbell rang and she would answer it and then spend quite some time talking to this person. In time, I realised what she was doing..always helping whoever she could. She was a very disciplined person with regards to professional secrecy and would never speak about it but I know they were relieved to talk to her. She would also administer injections to a diabetic aunt on a daily basis.

Life wasn’t always easy and my parents had their fair share of troubles – they were also children during world war 2 and used to relate a number of stories, which are forever imprinted in my head. Those stories never stopped as my dad kept them alive till the day he died.

My dad was a very good man, as my mum. They were happily married and were always so good to us. I only remember my dad raising his voice once in my childhood. My mum was strict and always knew what I was up to..did I try lying to her about my teenage adventures? Ha ha..that was useless..if I changed plans during my evening out she would somehow know about this before I returned home ..she had her ‘eyes and ears’ in the town..everyone knew everyone else at that time so doing things you were not supposed to carried a huge risk 🙂

We had no mobiles and were always home on time..woe betide if you weren’t…yes, it was a good life – we were brought up in a protected sort of way, at least I was, being the youngest…and also a girl!

So what happened along the way? Why did things change?

How on earth could my mother become someone else? Is that how you would describe it?

I’ll tell you about it soon..

Forever yours


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