Run from or run to?

At 6am this morning, a group of runners took off in the darkness from Dingli to Golden Bay to raise money for the Malta Dementia Society, for the dementia cause…for us, for you. With a big heart, they ran up and down hills, pushing their bodies to reach their destination. That was their goal and their destination!

Destination is our goal too…everyone’s goal. Whatever the situation, whatever the hurdles, we strive and struggle until success is reached.

Success? Success can be interpreted in a million ways. To some it may mean financial gain, others material gain, having a family, writing a book, overcoming illness…so many reasons,

And for others, it may mean simply getting through each day of the week, each hour, each minute…that is their success.

The final destination? The moment we leave this world, knowing we strived, we worked hard, we fought mentally, we sacrificed, we helped others, we gave, we loved.

Struggling with dementia means we take one step at a time, both as a person living with it or as a carer. We try to run as fast as we can so it will all be over soon. We try to run from the situation but we cannot do that. We have to face it head on. Is that awful? After the initial shock, we must get hold of ourselves, our thoughts and emotions and run to…to our destination, to our success in dealing with the situation, in dealing with life. Everyone has a problem, yet it all depends on how we deal with it.

Grab the hand of your loved one and run to, face forward and take step by step. Your destination is in will succeed!

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