Climbing the mountain

We love a good laugh, we enjoy happiness, peace and comfort. What I appreciate most is a normal, ordinary day, at the end of which I can put my head on my pillow, and settle into a calm sleep. On waking, I thank God for it and hope that the new day brings the same.

However, sometimes our days are disrupted, or even, turned upside down. And when this happens, let us embrace it and open our door wide because problems tend to arise all at once. Why? Who knows. They just do!

The day you called me to tell me that Dad had suffered a stroke during his heart operation, you were crying buckets on the phone. That day changed your life. Why you, mum..why you?

Well, let us then ask, why not? We always ask why, but this is life. I strongly believe we are just passing through and we need to face whatever comes in full preparation of hopeful eternity, which we can enjoy in happiness, peace and comfort, for the rest of our lives.

As we watched you deteriorate over 12 long years, we grieved you slowly and eventually hoped that God would relieve you of this suffering. After purgotary on earth, I strongly believe you are now in heaven, totally free of your illness and watching over us here. I am so convinced because I feel your constant presence, especially in all the work we do for dementia. You bring people to our door, you bring opportunities, possibilities, developments and outcomes that we would not dare to dream of. Yes, I know you are by my side and I am grateful for this. Your suffering and hardship has led to a beautiful gift of giving. Thank you Mum. I truly am sorry that you had to go through the sorrow, but you coped as best as you could and now you reap the benefits.

On Christmas Eve, we celebrate your birthday. You were a Christmas miracle for your family. You are a Christmas miracle for us, for just being you and for all the help you send as we strive to help others living with dementia and their families.

Yes, the suffering is huge, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The ordeal will pass and happiness, peace and comfort will come again.

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