Reaching Hands

A support group for relatives and carers of persons living with dementia, whether in care homes or in the community; a support group for people with dementia living in care homes.

Our Support Group Reaching Hands is organised online every month. We also organise these sessions in Homes for relatives of residents, and also in the community.

It is a safe space where relatives of individuals living with dementia can share their experiences and listen to others, learning from one another.
One of our psychotherapists is present and available to answer any questions and offer advice.

Sometimes, relatives feel the burden too heavy to carry and feel the need to talk to someone about it privately. Our therapists are available to offer these sessions at a chosen venue. One must be a member of the MDS (not just on Facebook) to book one to one sessions and they are at a reduced fee.

We also offer our ‘Reaching Hands’ Support Group for people living with dementia, at any stage, who live in Care Homes. This is a special programme where our psychotherapists meet with the Home Management and, together, create small groups of the residents with dementia and sessions are organised by us, tailormade to these groups.